Audi Auto Dim Heated Mirror Glass Driver A4 S4 A6 S6 A8 LH Side *B


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98-02 Audi Auto Dimming Mirror Glass Driver LH Side *B Grade

This listing is for Qty 1 *B Grade mirror glass.

Works perfect, slight yellow tint / color shading so we label it as *B grade (and sell it for a discounted price).

We also label a glass as B grade if it has a circle from a blind spot mirror that has leave a discolored mark, even if the surrounding glass is clear.

98-01 A4 (with matching number)

99-02 S4 (with matching number)

99-04 A6 (with matching number)

99-04 S6 (with matching number)

98-02 A8 (with matching number)

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Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 3 in
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